Additional Services

Yard clean up

One time yard clean-up jobs are a popular service in Spring, but can be done any time throughout the summer season. It is also a great way for new homeowners to whip a yard into shape if it's been neglected by the previous owner.

A full yard clean-up may involve a variety of different services including but not limited to:

Clearing leaves and debris

Cleaning out planter beds and redefining edges

Trimming shrubs dead heading perennials

Repairing damaged areas in your lawn


Aerating is one of the most important lawn services that often gets overlooked. Aeration involves mechanically puncturing holes into your lawn which helps break up thatch and dirt compaction from foot traffic and snow sitting on it all winter. it also allows air and vital nutrients to penetrate into the root system much easier.

It is a popular service that most customers will have performed in the spring and also in the fall.

Power raking

Power raking is another important service especially if you water frequently and use synthetic fertilizers regularly. Mechanically power raking (or de-thatching) is a way to help thin out a thick layer of thatch.


What is thatch? It is the stem and root layer of your lawn that is above ground but just below the leafy green portion. Up to 3/4" of thatch in a healthy lawn is good. It will help retain water in the soil by insulating it from hot temperatures. But too much thatch will prohibit water and nutrients from penetrating deep into root structure.

Often we will combine power raking with an overseeding service and then fertilize while the root system is most accessible.


If you have thinning areas of your lawn, a fresh layer of grass seed may help fill in those areas. A good time to overseed is in late spring or early fall when the temperatures are warm but not too hot. Your irrigation will need to be turned on in spring before you overseed as you will want to make sure that the new seed has regular moisture to help germination.

Often we will combine power raking with an overseeding service to remove thatch and help expose the soil below.

Shrub trimming

Having your shrubs trimmed at least once a year is a great way to keep your property looking tidy. Please let us know if it is something you are interested so we can get you a free quote.

Mulch and Weed fabric

When mulching planter bed areas it is always a good idea to lay down a high quality weed fabric first. We only use commercial grade weed fabric. We can also install a variety of different mulch materials.

Fall clean-up

A fall clean up is a good way to prepare your yard before winter. We begin scheduling fall work at the beginning of November.

A fall clean up may involve a variety of different services including but not limited to:

Leaf pick up and disposal

Trimming back perrinneals

Shrub trimming

Aerating and applying fall fertilizer