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Natural fertilizer

Wasatch eco-mow offers Purely Organic lawn food which is a non-chemical based fertilizer derived from plant based ingredients.

  • No Harsh Ingredients

  • Plant-Based Ingredients - Unlike manure-based and biosolid fertilizers, Purely Organic Products, LLC Lawn Food is made from plant proteins.

  • No Manure = No Unpleasant Odor.

  • 10-0-2 - Our combination of ingredients promote a lush, green lawn.

  • Sustainable - Rather than letting food waste wind up in landfills, we refine and blend it into effective soil treatments.

  • Convenient and Family-Friendly - There are no restrictions on re-entry time after application.

4 step natural fertilizer program

New for 2018! Wasatch eco-mow will introduce it's 4 step natural fertilizer program.

Please check back for more info.