From the start, Wasastch Eco-Mow was commited to changing the way we maintain our landscapes. With unhealthy air posing a constant threat in the Salt Lake valley there is no better time to look for smarter, more sustainable ways to live our lives and protect the beautiful environment that we have here in Utah.


Wasatch Eco-Mow uses a hybrid mix of traditional gas powered mowers and electric battery powered lawn equipment that is charged throughout the day with solar panels mounted to our trailer. According to the EPA, gas powered lawn equipment produces 3,300 times more hydrocarbons, 5,000 times more CO and five times more NOx.

A gas lawn mower run for one hour produces the same amount of air pollution as 11 late model cars each being driven for one hour.

Nationwide, gas powered lawn mowers alone contribute to 5%-10% of all air pollution. By supplementing in electric equipment we are able to reduce our overall equipment emissions by an estimated 40%



As noise pollution in our cities becomes a increasing concern, we are all trying to find ways to maintain some solitude in the places that we live.

Electric powered lawn equipment produces 50%-70% less noise pollution which will allow you and your neighbors to relax a little easier.

Weekly rates start at just $30. Rates vary by lawn size and location.