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Our Services Include

  Weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance // Planter bed maintenance // Spring and fall clean-up // Aerating // Power raking // Natural fertilizer // Shrub trimming // Mulch

Weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance

Our most popular service. Let us take care of your weekly or bi-weekly mowing this summer. Basic service includes: Mowing all lawn areas, trimming the perimeter around fences patio and planter beds, edging driveway and walkways, and blowing off clippings when the crew is done.


Weekly mowing starts at just $35.


Spring and Fall clean-up

Properly shutting down your yard in fall can leave you one step ahead when spring rolls around. Leaf collection and cutting back dead perennials will allow lawns and new plant growth to thrive when warmer weather arrives. 

Come spring, another clean-up may be in order to collect any remaining leaves. It is also a great time to freshen up beds by trimming shrubs and adding fresh mulch.


Shrub trimming 

Trimming back shrubs, hedges and ornamental grasses is an affordable way to keep planter beds looking great. 


Planter bed 


Over time planter beds can start to look shabby. Weeds, debris, overgrown shrubs and dead perennials can overtake your once beautiful beds. Maintaining them can be time consuming, but we are here to help. Once a year bed maintenance is a good idea to keep things looking good. Finish it off with some fresh mulch for that extra added touch!


Aerating and Power raking

An essential part of any healthy lawn is annual aerating.

Our commercial aerators will mechanically pull small plugs of dirt out of your lawn. This allows water and nutrients to easier flow into your root structure where it has the most benefit. 

We also provide power raking for lawns

with excessive thatch or dead grass. Both services are best done in spring.


Mulch installation

Lawn mowed- check

Shrubs trimmed- check

Beds maintained- check.....

Adding some fresh mulch or crushed rock is the perfect final step to finish things off. We have a variety of mulch options available. We can either match your existing bed topping or if they've become too overgrown we can do a complete tear out and start from scratch. 

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